I don't know who you are or where you came from..But God Bless You All!

—Lawrence, Client

Doulos School of Christian Living and Discipleship

Transition years can be difficult times to navigate. The Gap Year between High School and College for many is a struggle. Some find they are not quite ready for a college experience or they may wonder if college is for them at all. For others, they find themselves in a time between the college years wondering about their return, what they are doing in their chosen major or whether they have a true sense of what they are doing. Others find upon graduation from either High School or College, they want to spend some time in service to others. In order to meet the growing request for the many who have inquired about spending time in a learning growing dynamic on Staff at ReCreation. The Doulos Opportunity has been established.

Doulos is Greek for Servant, Bond Servant in fact. Doulos Christo is Bond Servant of Christ. The Doulos Program of Discipleship is a 1 year immersion into the Study and work of Servant hood.   Beginning in August, each class will begin the year long process of growing and learning in their ability to be Servants in our world.

A core curriculum of Study, Service through the Home Repair Ministry and Urban Ministries Center,  learning to live in a Christian Community environment all fit together to provide each person a life changing and faith challenging year of immersion into what it means to be a Servant of Christ.

The Doulos Program is a tuition based program that covers the cost of the housing, meals and program expense. Each participant will live at the facilities of ReCreation Experiences or in the homes of a local family connected to the ministry. The Doulos Program members will provide their own transportation and will be responsible for the cost of that transportation while a Student with the Program.

An out of the United States Mission opportunity will be offered that is an optional experience. In the Doulos Program Students can expect to learn Biblical understandings of their lives and their role in our world. They will learn leadership and life skills designed to better equip them for the next step in their life whatever that may be.

All participants will be fully aware as well as their families and their sponsors of the requirements of the program and will be able to articulate a clear understanding of the commitment and behavior expected while in the Doulos Program.

For more information on the next available class please contact Jorge Herrera, Director of Home Repair.