Home Repair

The change in my son was astounding! He came home a different person because of his experience there. God must be a real part of what you people do! -Virginia

—Virginia, Parent volunteer

The core of this experience is the work and the willingness of the volunteers to accept the challenge of serving through hammers, paint and hard work. It is restoring homes that have fallen into disrepair or providing the necessary maintenance and repairs to ward off a potential issue that could become catastrophic to the quality of life of the low income, fixed income, elderly or working poor homeowner who lives there.

These conditions have occurred due to the lack of financial or physical resources of the homeowner. They are simply, for whatever reason, unable to make the necessary repairs to either return the home to a condition of warm, safe and dry or they cannot stem the tide of destruction that is beginning to occur because of neglect. 

Volunteer teams bring the hands, feet and the hearts to put into the tasks required to restore a home and in doing so impact the life or lives of their neighbors in need.  Restoring a home is restoring a life, and in many situations, the work is allowing a person and their family to remain in their home rather than face eviction.

The work, while critical, is only part of the program. As important is the relationship established between the homeowner and the team. In fact, we believe it may be the most important reason you and your team are here. Too often we focus our energy only in the task at hand, neglecting the life inside the home. Taking time to hear their stories, learn about their lives and share in the experience together is crucial to being present in the experience. In many cases these homeowners have experienced neglect, they have been forgotten. Being reminded someone cares for them while hard at times to hear will leave an impact long after you have gone and the work is beginning to fade.

For your team, working side by side on behalf of someone else, having the experience of hard work with long days of challenging tasks, seeing work done that is changing a life, all contribute to forging a community and faith growing experience like no other. It is life impacting, life changing, and a true expression of sharing our love for Christ through our service.

The Home Repair Missions take place in Weaverville, North Carolina. It is one of the most dynamic mission experiences available. Take a closer look...