Accept the challenge

The change in my son was astounding! He came home a different person because of his experience there. God must be a real part of what you people do! -Virginia

—Virginia, Parent volunteer

Comfortable yet simplistic. These words have been used to describe the living environment we work to create with each experience. Our clients, whom we serve, live very simply, and, while in service to them we seek to foster a climate that embraces the “mission of the experience”. Housing may be in one of our host/partner churches or on campus at an area University. Participants will sleep on the floor twin air mattresses or cots are recommended-NO QUEEN PLEASE.

In July 2006, ReCreation purchased and has been renovating the 6+ acre, Red Oak School complex in Weaverville, NC.   The complex includes our administrative offices, a worship center/multi-purpose area for morning devotionals, group meeting spaces, sleeping areas, kitchen/dining area, bathrooms and showers.   The complex also has a ball field and basketball court.