Unto the least of these

I don't know who you are or where you came from..But God Bless You All!

—Lawrence, Client

To:  Recreation Experiences Ministry Team,

  When I was about 13 (1999) I attended a trip with Faith Community UMC out of Cincinnati, Ohio to join forces with Recreation and change lives!  Since then, my life has never been the same...THANK YOU so much for what you've done to my perspective on outreach and sharing the Gospel at the ripe ole' age of 13.  You truly helped me by laying the foundation that would resonate with me for years to come.  Now as an adult, I find myself unable to rest easy because I know God has called me to something greater yet!  I have graduated high school, attained my Nursing Degree and worked everywhere from ICU/ER, Flight Nursing, and even been the Director of Nursing for a company that helps individuals with developmental disabilities.  Despite my success in nursing, Christ has been beating on my door to get back to the heart of what He's about full time: Servant hood.

This past week, I finally gave into what I felt Christ was calling me to do.  I left my job as The Director of Nursing, and began a non-profit ministry called ROAR MISSIONS.  ROAR stands for what I think the passion and desire for the ministry is:  Reach Out And Restore (R.O.A.R.).  We want to do similar to what so soundly set my foundation as a man of God at Recreation and bring that HERE to Appalachian Southern Ohio.  I don't doubt that God is truly calling me to give up everything (BMW, Apartment, Lifestyle) for the sake of bringing kids to the realization that Christ calls us to love one another in such greater ways than we ever thought.  Mother Teresa said it best, "Small things done with great love, will change the world."

...Thanks again for all you have done for me already!  My passion and compassion truly stems for the work I've already done alongside your ministry, I pray we can continue on together making disciples for Christ!  Let's BE the Servants we Profess!!


Derek Free