"Be doers of the Word..." James 1:22

The change in my son was astounding! He came home a different person because of his experience there. God must be a real part of what you people do! -Virginia

—Virginia, Parent volunteer

Client Qualifications

All clients who receive assistance from ReCreation Experiences have been qualified through the program's procedures for identifying need. The client is qualified financially and the home is qualified based on sub-standard housing guidelines as set forth by a regional housing consortium. All clients of ReCreation Experiences fall at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Guideline.

Many issues determine sub-standard conditions for the home, including:

  • Roof in need of repair or replacement
  • Walls pulling away from the foundation
  • Rotting floors or porches pulling away from the house
  • Improper electrical service
  • Lack of plumping

It is estimated that Buncombe and Madison counties (our areas of work) have over 20,000 owner occupied sub-standard properties. ReCreation Experiences works on 40-50 of these homes per year. The majority of clients are elderly on fixed incomes. For many of these, a choice has to be made each month between buying food or medicine. At the end of the month there are no financial resources left over to provide maintenance or repairs on the home. The second population ReCreation serves is the working poor. This is a population that consists of working individuals or couples who have jobs but whose income is not adequate to provide a surplus for home repair needs.


Income Eligibility Guidelines


1 $739.00
2 $995.00
3 $1,252.0
4 $1,508.00
5 $1,765.00
6 $2,022.00
7 $2,278.00
8 $2,535.00