"Be doers of the Word..." James 1:22

I don't know who you are or where you came from..But God Bless You All!

—Lawrence, Client

ReCreation Experiences provides a faith based outlet for individuals and groups who feel called and compelled to respond to the needs of others out of their sense of faith.  Founded in 1990, the ministry grew out of a desire to provide quality  mission experiences where both the people receiving the work as well as the people doing the work grow through the experience. Our foundational "building blocks" continue to keep us balanced and in tune with meeting both the needs of work teams and the clients we serve. ReCreation Experiences is a 501 (c) (3) faith based not for profit organization.


All persons are entitled to warm, safe and dry housing conditions. Sometimes due to financial circumstances this is difficult to maintain. As people of faith, it is our responsibility to continue finding ways to better provide for the housing needs that exist in our community.


ReCreation Experiences will establish and foster a solid reputation for providing quality programs that are safe and affordable. We strive to be excellent stewards of the people resources and the financial resources we work with.


ReCreation Experiences will have programs of integrity where both the client who receives assistance and the workers providing the service feel they are a priority of the ministry. We serve you so you can serve others.


ReCreation Experiences will connect a desire to work on the part of the work teams with a viable need. The work teams will perform legitimate work that meets a qualified need of a homeowner. The work will benefit the homeowner in the long term by filling an immediate need or preventing a future problem.


ReCreation Experiences will affirm our faith based emphasis, stressing that it is our responsibility borne of our individual and corporate experiences to both reach out and serve our neighbors in need.