"Be doers of the Word and not hearers only..."  James 1:22

ReCreation Experiences provides a faith based outlet for individuals and groups who feel called and compelled to respond to the needs of others out of their sense of faith.  Founded in 1990, the ministry grew out of a desire to provide quality  mission experiences where both the people receiving the work as well as the people doing the work grow through the experience. Our foundational "building blocks" continue to keep us balanced and in tune with meeting both the needs of work teams and the clients we serve. ReCreation Experiences is a 501 (c) (3) faith based not for profit organization.

  • We are involved in the rehabilitating of homes which in turn provides for the rehabilitating of neighborhoods, communities, and most importantly, the lives of the residents and their neighbors.
  • We are invovled in the education process of a generation of young people, their adult leaders, and their churches or supporting organziations. We partner the need of the lwo and median income population of our area, with an individual or group's desire to serve that population through home repair.
  • We are encouraging the development of programming that our partner work teams can create in their own communities. These programs will assist in addressing the issues of poverty, substandard housing and other issues that affect the poor in their own home areas.