Recreation Experiences...

is committed to providing groups of youth, adults, and families with opportunities to "Share Christ Through Our Service to Others".  We are committed to offering opportunities that are safe, healthy, affordable and spiritually powerful. The main goal is simple but profound: To touch lives through hammers paint and hard work...

• GROUP SIZE: We have no minimum or maximum number of participants for any of our programs. At least one adult for every five youth will need to be provided and for groups of males and females, a same sex leader must be present to represent each gender. Your team will work together on a project designed specifically to meet your group's abilities and goals.

• AGE REQUIREMENTS: ReCreation Experiences works with Junior High age and above. Junior High is defined by your group's designation of that age and class.

• TRANSPORTATION: We have no transportation requirements. If you are traveling in a charter bus, please let us know so we can plan your work site accordingly. You will need, however, to have a vehicle available on your work site for your use during the day. We can assist you in locating a local rental service or company for a vehicle if needed.

• EQUIPMENT: All equipment will be provided for the project you will be performing. Our team delivers the materials needed for work on your site and keeps your material needs stocked throughout the week. We ask each team to bring some basic hand tools: hammer, paint brush/bucket, safety goggles, and work gloves are a few. There may be tools and safety equipment that are specific to your worksite that you can bring; our staff will review those with you weeks prior to your arrival for your experience.

• FOOD AND MEALS: ReCreation Experiences employs a full time Food Service Coordinator during the summer programs and has a person available during off season work camps. Our staff prepares the food and serves the meals during your experience with us. The meals are designed to prepare and replenish your body for the work you will be doing. The menus are tasty and we provide meat and non-meat options at each meal.

• STAFF: The full time administrative staff is available to meet with you at any time. Your team will have one of our Interns or Full time staff assigned to you for the duration of your experience. This staff person will be available during your work day to consult and help with your work project and will be your personal contact throughout the project. They are available to assist and resource you in whatever way they are needed, except on your time off option. We are working during that time to prepare the rest of your experience or to prepare for the next teams arrival.

• RISK ASSUMPTION AND MEDICAL RELEASE: All participants will be required to read and sign an Informed Consent Waiver and Indemnity Agreement, Medical Permission Form, and, a Covenant/Behavior Agreement. All participants under 18 years of age will be required to have a signature from a parent/guardian. No one will be allowed to participate until these documents are turned in completed and signed.

• FEES: All costs are per person and include: All meals for the duration of your experience with us, lodging, work site materials and a T-Shirt for each participant reflecting the yearly theme of the program.