Recreation Experiences...

... is committed to providing opportunities for groups of youth, adults, and families to “Share Christ Through Our Service”. We offer opportunities that are safe, healthy, affordable and spiritually powerful. The sound of a hammer, a new coat of paint, a story read to a child, a game that’s played, a family visited and food is provided, an elderly person is sang to who is confined to a chair and a home. Love shared because we were loved first. (1 John 4:19)

GROUP SIZE: Centenary Camp has air conditioned dorms for groups up to 100 people. Smaller teams and families may be housed in our Lodge. Weeks of service in the spring and summer may be multiple groups or for churches with programs of 60 or more in participation we can designate an experience and week for your team, please contact us if your group would fit that dynamic.

We require for outreach experiences a minimum of one adult for every 7 youth. For groups with males and females, leadership should be equally represented. Your team will work together on opportunities designed specifically to meet your groups’ abilities and goals.  All adults in your group should have undergone Background Checks prior to your arrival. 

AGE REQUIREMENTS: Spring and summer mission experiences work with Middle School and above. Middle School is defined by your group’s designation of that age and class.  Family experiences are designed for the family to stay together with children supervised by their parent (s).

TRANSPORTATION: We have no transportation requirements. If you are traveling in a Charter Bus our site can accommodate easy access and parking. If your project has multiple opportunities you will need to arrange with your bus for pick up and drop off as required to serve your sites. We also strongly recommend having a vehicle available for emergencies and errands you may need to run. We do not provide any form of transportation.

EQUIPMENT: Depending on the site and the scope of your work we will make every effort to provide the basic equipment required. We will deliver materials or arrange delivery for home repair projects. We ask each team to bring some basic hand tools such as hammer, paint bucket, brushes, safety goggles, and work gloves. There may be tools and supplies specific to your project, whether it is home repair, child’s day camp or another service. We will review those with you as we work together building your experience.

FOOD AND MEALS: We employ Cooks and Food Service Staff that will prepare your meals and serve you. The meals are designed to prepare and replenish your body for the work you will be performing.  We have meat and non-meat options at each meal. We will ask for your help with each meal clean up.

STAFF: Our administrative Full Time Staff is available to meet with you at any time. We will also have during the summer College Interns and Volunteer Staff who are here to serve you and your team. These staff will be available during your work days serving with you. We are here to resource and help you see your goals for the week are met.

RISK ASSUMPTION AND MEDICAL RELEASE: All participants are required to read and sign an Informed Consent Waiver/ Indemnity Agreement, and a Covenant/Behavior Agreement. Your participant’s medical releases and individual insurance information are whatever are required by your Church or Organization and will be maintained and held by you.  Due to HIPAA requirements regarding the protection and safety of medical information we do not ask for nor do we hold any medical data for you. The only exception to this is when we are holding our Overnight Camp where individual registrations are accepted.

FEES: All costs are per person and include: All meals for the duration of your experience with us, lodging, basic work site materials and a T Shirt for each participant reflecting the yearly theme of the ministry and the camp.