Summer 2018

Week of Works (WOW)

This program is the cornerstone of the ministry. It is a five day/six night experience. Arrival is on Sunday evening for dinner and orientation and departure is following breakfast on Saturday Morning. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are workdays. Wednesday is a full day off to relax and regroup for the second half of the week.

COST: $335.00 per person
AVAILABLE: Weekly beginning with the first full week in June and ending with the last week of July. Special arrangements can be made for other times of the year.

Intensive Care Project (ICP)

A three day/four night experience. Arrival is on Sunday night for dinner and orientation. Departure is following breakfast and morning worship on Thursday morning. Work days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by time off to relax and regroup.

COST: $280.00 per person
AVAILABLE: From the first week in June until the last week in July.