Natural disasters.
some people call them acts of God.

We are not sure of the reference but we do acknowledge that our response is a true “Act of God”. Over 30 years of ministry, ReCreation Experiences has made connections to churches and communities all over the United States. When hurricanes, tornados, fires, flooding, and other unexpected events occur, we want to be able to respond.

We recognize, applaud, honor and are thankful for the many larger organizations that mobilize and do incredible work in response to these events. We seek out a more direct and personalized experience. Through the network of friends and partners of ReCreation, we are able to connect to the specific congregations in the distressed areas that we have relationships with and serve our neighbors and friends directly. Easing the burden placed on other resources we partner within our network to make immediate impacts on those within their congregations and communities.

Our first response, Tip Of The Spear, (TOTS) is to partner directly with a church and be boots on the ground within the first 24 to 48 hours providing supplies and materials to offer immediate assistance. We provide services that are a bridge until further assistance can be arranged. Work like tarping roofs to stop further damage, cutting trees and debris to open up access, clean outs and clean ups of homes and areas and any activity that provides an immediate ease of the strain being suffered by the damage.

The Second Phase of the program, Recovery and Rehab, (R and R) is to return to these areas with volunteers and provide a more directed repair and rehab ministry. These experiences can occur for up to 2 years or more following the disaster.

How can you be involved? Tip of The Spear Ministry (TOTS) depends on your availability and willingness to be able to mobilize quickly. The Recovery and Rehab (R and R) works in two ways. You can join a team in making the trip or you can inquire to our leading a team you organize.


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